Simple Tips on How to Manage Clients in Covid 19

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Simple Tips on How to Manage Clients in Covid 19

First You Must Know:

The new normal is Covid-19. And yes it has not been easy, but what does that mean when it comes to keeping the lines of communication with your customers and clients open? Should you modify the way you reach out and communicate with them? Should you have done what you always did and stay the same? How do you navigate client communications during a pandemic successfully? For successful COVID-19 conversations, here are five simple tips you need to know:

1. About service delays, be honest and upfront

With too many organizations operating with pandemic-related restrictions or worse, being honest and upfront about possible service problems is crucial for successful consumer relationships.

If your company relies on goods or services dependent on delivery, you may face delays that in turn will affect your customers. Providing insight into the type of timeframe delays that your customers may endure helps them to mitigate any interruptions at their end. Compared to pre-COVID deliveries of 7 days, will USPS deliver your final product within 14 days? Do you need supplies to complete customer work held at the border, meaning a longer turnaround to complete an assignment?

Being honest and upfront with customers to ensure that they understand the situation correctly implies that unexpected delays will not surprise them.

2. Be Compassionate–Everybody’s Handling This Differently, Maybe More Than You

Are you one of the lucky freelancers who worked from home when corporations started to close down before the pandemic? If you are, it could not have changed your everyday schedule that drastically. But for everyone, it hasn’t been like that. It’s important to note that certain freelancers have restructured their whole universe.

Think how consumers try to minimize the pandemic effect when you engage customers through texting, social media, email, etc. Are they trying to collaborate for a homeschool student as a coworking buddy on a laptop at the kitchen table? Is their work now adding a new level of tension to their everyday lives on the front lines?

If you need to arrange a phone call with a customer, would you promise to change your schedule to the naptime of their child? Instead of virtual face-to-face, can you get away with just an email? Will you extend due dates on invoices to coincide with compensation for state or federal incentives or stimulus? The little considerations you take will have a huge effect on another person.

3. Live Events Leverage

Face-to-face discussions have never been more important. Connecting with consumers in real-time is not just a persuasive method for networking; it is an important feature of our modern, sometimes disconnected existence. And something that is important to our physical and mental health in general.

Schedule a date and time to go online, rather than just sharing pre-filmed updates. It’s a powerful way to remind your consumers that you’re a real guy, that you are more than a brand. Getting together humanizes the brand and nourishes our simple normal desire for social contact.

Get a “happy hour” to get it. Together with clients to talk about the day’s activities while enjoying a simulated coffee or drink (providing an opportunity to have children or other family members participate)
Host a “ask me anything” session with AMA where consumers or supporters will ask questions about your services and your brand.
You may benefit from organizing simulated karaoke parties, how-to courses, or inspiring more outgoing styles.

4. Keep to your current branding to be real (Don’t Just Cange For Publicity)

Suppose you have your vehicle serviced at a nearby GM-specialized auto repair store. How would you react if they were unexpectedly asking just about Honda racing cars in their new email blast? They can still do the same of course, but can you feel as relaxed handing your precious GM the keys over? Your buyers aren’t different.

It’s okay to find ways of learning about the pandemic as it relates to your company and brand. Personal stories or views may help create bridges that improve consumer experience. Just don’t give up the values and principles that are the brand’s cornerstone just because things are different.

5. To master a new talent using Downtime

Owing to the pandemic, are you having downtime? You may be sitting on a goldmine of a chance. With online courses for freelancers, filling empty spaces on your calendar will mean adding useful resources to your freelancer toolkit.

6. Use Mtcheew to be above all.

Leveraging downtime can be very useful, whether you are learning the fundamentals of social media marketing, working out how to design a slogan, or drafting a business plan. You can start a new business with just a few short lessons, or promote or scale up your current business. Your only limit is your dream.


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