Simple Task Freelancers Can Do, You Don’t Know

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Simple Task Freelancers Can Do, You Don’t Know

There’s a common misconception that hiring a freelancer is only something you would do if you need a writer, editor, or graphic designer. While these three skills are certainly something a freelancer can help with, there are actually hundreds of different jobs you can hire a freelancer to do.

Here are five unique industries or skillsets where freelancers can expand your services or your team’s capabilities.

1. Simple and Technical Translation

Would you know that in Nigeria, over 20 million people don’t speak English and over 40% of Nigerians speak their native language at home rather than English? Although some of these persons still speak with a high degree of proficiency in English. That is a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to meet an audience in their native language. Hire a competent freelancer for translation services if you do not have someone who speaks a language fluently enough to translate your website and other client-focused materials.

2. Dropshipping activities

Online e-commerce has been slowly growing (even before COVID-19), rising to $3.54 billion in 2019 from $1.33 billion in gross revenue in 2014. There is a growth in demand for dropshipping services as more companies market goods online.

Dropshipping offers online sales distribution services, removes the hassle and costs of managing an inventory, and coordinates retailers’ shipping logistics. If you are interested in starting up a dropshipping shop but are unsure where to start, freelancers will provide services to get your company started in all five steps:

Build a dropshipping site
Study to market the right product(s)
Build professional photos, explanations, and videos on the product page(s)
Manage and take good care of clients on your e-commerce platform
Market the dropshipping website with SEO, smartphone campaigns, and social media

3. Podcast

In 2020, more than 1.5 million podcasts and more than 34 million episodes available in the US were estimated by Podcast Hosting Feedback. It’s a very modern medium of advertising, starting in 2004 for the general public. Today, 75% of individuals are familiar with the word “podcasting” and over 100 million individuals say they listen to podcasts on a daily basis. While Nigerian Postcast rising talents are soring high in business.

Podcasts will encourage your business to meet new audiences with whom to share your thoughts. They give a chance to:

Simple Task Freelancers Can Do

Growing your company
Increase your viewership
Establish yourself as a subject matter expert or your brand
Provide content from opinion leadership
For a niche market, build content
The main challenges to those seeking to start a podcast include the exclusion of:

Time for Content Production
Appropriate sound level transmitting systems
Professional skills for producing a podcast
For all these things, a freelance podcaster will assist. They will assist with scriptwriting of podcasts, editing of podcasts, reviews and analysis, as well as the promotion of podcasts.

5. eLearning

In 2020, the worldwide pandemic that swept the globe upended education everywhere. While eLearning and virtual schools are not new concepts, as an increasing number of educators and schools rely on these resources to reach students, they have taken on more urgency and importance.

It can seem overwhelming to get eLearning up and running. Fortunately, freelance professionals are available to assist with the development of eLearning content as well as video production and animation, from creating quizzes and turning PowerPoint presentations into videos, to in-depth curriculum and interactive lesson plans.

6. Filters & Lenses from AR

If users are included with your target demographic, so your target audience is on social media. For users to have fun and connect with friends, websites such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook offer augmented reality (AR) filters. AR filters and lenses are becoming so popular that many social media sites have encouraged artists and designers to produce their own filters and effects, from virtual lipstick and false eyelashes to sunglasses and cartoon animal face.

This provides brands and businesses with a tremendous opportunity to create visibility, engage clients, and reach a wider audience by building their own AR filters and lenses. It will help you rapidly pivot to take advantage of this growing trend and stay important and competitive with your target audience by recruiting a freelancer to develop AR filters.

Expand Your Capabilities with Freelancers Skills

Freelancers are a perfect way to extend the team’s strengths and expertise without anything that goes into recruiting a full-time employee, from small companies to big organizations. discover freelance talent Mtcheew Hub


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