How To Look Good On Any Zoom Meeting

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How To Look Good On Any Zoom Meeting

As many New Africans found themselves logging in to Zoom for the first time to meet customers and colleagues, the coronavirus introduced a new era of video conferencing. In December 2018, daily zoom meeting participants jumped from 10 million a day to 300 million by April 2019.

It is likely that a large proportion of Nigeria’s workforce will continue to work from home even after the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us and video meetings will be just as ubiquitous as they are today. Global Workplace Analytics, for example, predicts that by the end of 2021, 25 percent to 30 percent of the workforce will work multiple days a week from home.

It’s always necessary to look your best when it comes to face-to-face meetings to make a positive impression on your professional peers. When it comes to Zoom calls, the same is true, even if you’re wearing your skivvies and a cluttered disaster area is your home. If you want to make Zoom look your absolute best, here’s all you need to master:


Anyone can look fabulous with the right lighting, but the wrong lighting can have disastrous effects. The sun pouring in through your window is the cheapest, and perhaps best, lighting method. During the call, open up your blinds and face towards the window. The brighter the room, the better, so you can take note of how the sun shines at different times of the day in each room in your home.

You can give your video feed a professional look with LED lighting if natural light doesn’t cut it. LED bulbs, particularly if you choose a 5-6k daylight bulb, give off color temperatures that work well for digital video. Ideally, you would like to use three lamps, one placed directly opposite you and then one placed 45 degrees from the center on each side. For the finest look, you’ll want the lights to shine slightly above you. Also, an LED ring light is a good setup to use.

Pro tip: Your computer screen’s bright blue glow can wash you out and make you look like a ghoul. Remember to lower the brightness of your screen.

The Positioning

Prepared for your close-up? Actually, when it comes to zoom calls, that isn’t a good look at all. In the camera, you’re going to want to frame yourself so that you’re visible from your shoulders up. Anything from the lower two-thirds of your body should always stay out of the frame.

You’re also going to want to raise your camera so that it is directly across your face, the last thing you want is for your participants to have to look straight up your nose for 45 minutes. This may require putting your computer on a stack of books or raising your laptop to head height with a laptop stand.

How To Look Good On Any Zoom Meeting


All jokes aside, you are totally expected to wear socks. You will become more secure and competent while no one will see them. As far as the general attire, you don’t need to dress that earlier in most cases. After all, you are working from home, and everyone else is too. Stylist Dia Dewoolkar advises that you dress down a degree from what you usually would wear at the workplace or at a conference. Wearing solid colors is also suggested by Dewoolkar, as complex designs do not always look fantastic on film.

Makeup and Hair

It may have been a while before you were able to visit your usual hairstylist out of the door. That means you might have to learn how to give yourself a trim if you want to look your best.

To pull out your best features, you may even want to use lipstick. It is advised that you apply a little more makeup than you will to see people face to face, and establish a definition, you may want to concentrate on sculpting.

Putting all together

It will go a long way towards making you look the very best by bringing only a little thought and planning into your Zoom meetings. You’ll feel more assured and motivated as you make the extra effort, allowing you to be a more productive communicator during your video calls. Want more Zoom help? The sellers of Mtcheew also provide a variety of Zoom-related services, from beautiful simulated backgrounds to video editing.


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