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we are here to make life easy for, by providing you the necessary information you need in completing and navigating your way around Mtcheew Community. 

Understanding Your Ability

With Mtcheew you have control over everything in the aspect of business and management, we take your consent before affirming to do anything on your behave and we are at you disposal any time of the day to help with any of your concerns. 

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Frequently Answered Question

Mtcheew is Africa’s largest marketplace for digital services and some offline service.

Where Buyers finds range of freelancers or sellers to assistance. And Sellers offers range of skills from development to designers ETC.

Mtcheew Community is the largest African online skilled platform solution for entrepreneurs to communicate, transact, and sort out differences within the technology areas of life. A Business that enhances capital growth to the exponential stage of complexity using aggregated means of intercommunication for skills and talent exposure.

Buyer/Employer:  A registered user who purchases a freelance service

Seller/Freelancer: A registered user who offers freelance services

Custom orders: These are exclusive orders with specific requirements that a buyer requests from a seller

Dashboard: The Dashboard page shows an overview of your profile, the status of your revenue, order statistics and also lists the user’s offers/proposals, tasks, and orders

Disputes: These are disagreements that arise between a buyer and seller during the order process.

Services: This is a freelance service a seller offers

Micro Services: Additional services offered within the same service

Order: When a buyer purchases a service

Task: When a seller receives an order

Revenue: The money sellers earn from completed orders

Tags: Words or terms that sellers place on their Service listings to help categorize the service(s) in the marketplace

Mtcheew users can act in 2 roles: Buyer/Employer and Seller/Freelancer. If a user is both buyer and a seller, he will be able to use the features of both sides.

Sellers/Freelancers can:

  • Create a profile
  • Add portfolios and attached files
  • Post a Service
  • Edit/Archive/Delete a Service
  • Complete the Service
  • Send/Receive instant messages
  • Review a custom order
  • Withdraw money

Buyers/Employers can:

  • Create a profile
  • Search for seller/service
  • Place an order
  • Send a custom order
  • Dispute/Resolve service deliver
  • Review a seller
  • Send/Receive instant messages

Which additional resources can the user access?

Mtcheew Social: You can connect with other buyers and sellers of the Mtcheew community to chat and share insights on social media and other forums.

Mtcheew Blog: Our blog is the best place to get tips and tricks for buying and selling on Mtcheew.com, read users’ success stories and news.

Your account may be disabled/ blocked for:

· Violation of our Terms of Service like, posting or publishing material that is copyright protected, illegal spam, abusive or improper

· Reported multiple offenses

How do I reset my password?

· Once logged in, click on your Username > My Profile>Settings>> Account Settings

· Scroll down and click Change Password

If you feel you are wrongfully blocked or disabled please email us at info@mtcheew.com


Employers can complete the job by going to the Ongoing Jobs section and then click the View Details button to go to the history page and then go to View History Button and you will see the history page where you can complete the job.

 Step 1

 Step 2

 Step 3

During the job, posting employer can select options either this Project is milestone-based or normal

If the employer has selected milestone-based, then after create the employer can see it in the jobs listing. Now employer can click on button View Proposal

It will open a page where he/she can see all the proposals

An employer can select one of the freelancers and click on Hire And Set milestones

This will open a new window where the admin can create milestones within the Proposed Amount 

When all the Milestones is created then the employer will see a button Send Milestones to Freelancer

Then the freelancer will get an email, if he accepts, then the project will be started. Now the employer will be able to pay one by one milestone.

Once all milestones are completed the Employer would be able to complete the project.

Freelances can select their withdrawal method by clicking on “Payout Settings” under the user menu.

the method can also be detected by the system for the user base on the country.

Please note freelancers should have written their payout account details to get all the earnings. If freelancers leave empty details then the system will not create a payout. 

Once a Buyer accept your service and mark “Finished” the buyer will have option to share his/her experience via the review system

How do I rate and review my seller?

Once you receive a competed project from your seller and you’re satisfied with the delivery, you change the service status to Accept, and a pop-up window will show up to let you rate and leave a review for your seller. Then hit the SEND button

Once you are logged in, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard click on “View Details” under Ongoing Projects/Services to view ongoing Projects/Services

The order statuses include

Total Ongoing Projects/Services: These are orders or services you have made or working on and are still in progress

Total Completed Projects/Services: These are Projects/Services, which you have placed and have been delivered by the seller.

Total Cancelled Projects/Services: These are Projects/Services that either you or the seller has Cancelled

How do I cancel an order?

if the order is not done, up to standards or employer/buyer wishes to cancel the order. “View Details” under Ongoing Projects/Services to view ongoing Projects/Services, now click on “View History” under Project Status Click on Cancel Project, Write your reason then click send to cancel.

How does Mtcheew protect the seller?

Mtcheew ensures the seller is paid for the order completed. When a seller reports a disport, Mtcheew will review the dispute and make a final decision over a disputed order.

How does Mtcheew protect buyers?

Mtcheew ensures buyers get the project they’ve asked for, if not, the seller will refund the money to the buyer

How do I report fraud or abuse?

Users can report fraudulent activities such as freelancers, jobs, employers, and services on Mtcheew.com easily by clicking on the report then fill up the report form. our administrators will investigate the fraudulent report immediately.

On the Contact Us page, you can send the customer support your complaint

What is considered fraudulent activity on Mtcheew?

· Sellers create fake Services which they cannot fulfill

· Seller delivers a fake report in case of SEO and other related services

· Sellers ask you to send money to him/her directly

· Attempting credit card fraud

What type of projects can I do on Mtcheew.com?

There is no “limit” to selling on Mtcheew.com as long as there are value and a need for it. Sellers can provide digital services of various kinds such as:

  • Write articles or blog posts
  • Edit articles or blog posts
  • Write resumes and cover letters
  • Write product descriptions
  • Write headlines
  • Write letters/emails
  • Offer your handwriting services (thank you notes, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Critique websites
  • SEO help
  • Do keyword research for people looking to improve their website SEO
  • Turn photographs into paintings/digital images
  • Create or modify spreadsheets
  • Design logos and banners
  • Design e-book covers
  • Design business cards
  • Edit/retouch images
  • Make crafts
  • Send video messages
  • Paint/draw pictures
  • Share links/promos to your Facebook or Twitter followers (works best if you have tons of followers)
  • Help people get Facebook or Twitter followers
  • Create video advertisements
  • Help troubleshoot website problems
  • Help people set up their websites
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Transcribe audio files
  • Post advertisements to Craigslist and other sites online
  • Help others with homework/essays
  • Give advice (the sky is the limit here — what are you qualified to give advice about?)
  • Help people brainstorm – come up with ideas
  • Create PDF files
  • Get rid of computer viruses or malware
  • Sing songs on video or audio for others
  • Create music for others using your talent (guitar, piano, etc.)
  • Do voiceovers/voice acting
  • Write songs or jingles
  • Master audio tracks
  • Do research
  • Teach lessons
  • ..or what have you.

This goes without saying, but before deciding what services to offer, make sure the payment price is worth your time.

It is optional to provide Microservices to a Proposal/Services. It is a sales technique where a seller invites the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons to generate more revenue.

Buyers pay Mtcheew.com in advance then payment is released to the seller once the order is complete and accepted by Buyer

What is the acceptable currency on Mtcheew.com?

The main acceptable currency is the Nigerian Naira. However, orders can be made in USA Dollar, Euro and Sterling Pound in equivalent amount during the payment processing

Which are the payment withdrawal options on Mtcheew.com?

We allow you to withdraw your payment using via a Bank account. (PayPal Coming Soon)

How much does Mtcheew.com charge as commission?

We charge between 5%, and 20% as commission depending on the level (Top Rated Seller, Level Two, Level One, and New Seller) of the Seller/Freelancer in the marketplace

Are there Payment Processing Fees?

Yes, there is a 3% fee when you check out with your preferred payment gateway

Are there charges when withdrawing from GOWork.ng?

No, there is a 0% fee when we transfer your earnings to your preferred bank account or payment merchant

After how long can I withdraw my earnings after delivering the project to the buyer?

Our Withdraw process occurs once a month with a minimum threshold of 5,000 naira.

Is my payment safe?

Your payment is 100% safe with our anti-fraud escrow and will not be released unless the Buyer is satisfied with the seller’s deliverable

How do I view my revenue balance?

You can view your revenue balance on the Dashboard page under “Available Balance”.

All Mtcheew Freelancers and Sellers earn 85 percent commission on all completed project on the platform.

Buyers and employers are not meant to pay any extra free for selected projects.

All earned commission can be automatically withdraw monthly provided you have selected a payment method and filled in your account details for withdrawals.

You can also request for withdrawal of founds from your account by clicking on the request withdrawal button and filling in your details, which will then be processed immediately.

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